The following practices incorporate Massage therapy, CranioSacral therapy, Yoga, APOR®, APM®, HPC ™

These different modalities are complementary and can be combined within a session or a series of sessions.

Massage therapy is used alone or in combination with movement and breath-centered practices to address specific restrictions, release tension and support overall well being.
Each session will be tailored to your particular needs.

Bringing a French expertise to perinatal care

During pregnancy
Ease aches and pains and learn to support your changing body

This practice can be adjusted if you are required to be on bed rest.

During pregnancy you can also learn about the early weeks postpartum and start to practice some of the techniques you can use in the very early days, even hours, postpartum.

Early postpartum
Body wrapping and bodywork, honoring the postnatal body.
Offering women individualized early postpartum physical care and training.

The practice of pelvic and body wrapping can be applied in the immediate days following birth. Wrapping will help you redefine your physical and emotional boundaries as well as settle the nervous system after the intensity of labor and the early days and weeks postpartum.

Massage therapy and physical care are combined with both postural assessment and practical exercises to tone and strengthen a woman's core. This organic and intuitive approach combines a variety of modalities opening up a gentle and safe space for women to gain awareness, confidence and strength.

Sessions include practical guidelines on how to incorporate these exercises into ones daily life. They will help you care for yourself while caring for your baby and incorporate your recovery and well-being into your daily life and routine.

The first weeks and months postpartum (also referred to as the fourth trimester) are fundamental to a woman’s recovery from pregnancy and birth. It is a time when supporting the body’s natural healing is essential.

Using imagery, movement, breath and postural work to deepen awareness and enhance health and function of the pelvic floor.
Through a movement-based approach you will learn to relax, tone and strengthen this region and integrate these practices into work on the body as a whole.
This practice is not intended for women with serious injury or ailment.
It is intended as a training and “re-education" for an area of the body that is often ignored, misunderstood or even mistreated. With some basic knowledge and awareness women can find lasting positive preventive care for this region of their body, as well as relief from many common discomforts.
For women throughout all stages of life.

Sessions will be tailored to establish a practice that addresses your particular needs and goals, as well as focus on ways for you to integrate this practice into your daily life.